Terms and Conditions Policy

1. This is the small print, in plain English. This is a standard document drawn up in this Industry. It is very important that you read it as this will tell you how you may get a refund and also in some circumstances where you may have to pay more. If you have any questions in relation to our T&C’s feel free to contact us.

2. This document lays out the rules and regulations into the Terms and Conditions with you the ‘client’. It states your rights and obligations.

3. We offer adventure trips worldwide.

4. You agree to pay all deposits direct to us. All other monies will be paid direct to us no later than 90 days before the start of the trip.

5. If you do not pay a deposit your adventure will not be confirmed. If you do not pay the agreed cost of the adventure your trip may be cancelled and you may be liable for the whole cost of the trip.

6. Your information will be held with us and only distributed to either charities and/or our providers; the people that help us run your trip in UK or overseas. Your information will not intentionally be given anywhere else.

7. All information you provide must be true and correct at all times. If you decide to cancel, you must do so in writing, in good time, but you may be liable for cancellation costs and payment of the full balance for your chosen adventure dependant on time constraints stated below.

8. You are bound by UK law when a trip agreement is signed between us and you and you agree that you will act as per that law. If you have any questions or wish to make a claim you must seek legal advice regarding this and/or speak to your insurer.

9. Booking is simple – fill out the registration form and we will contact you with trip information and costs. You MUST be over 18 years of age at the time of your adventure to attend. Deposit must be paid when your booking is agreed and all deposits are non refundable.

10. You must have your own travel Insurance to cover all aspects of your trip. You must book a flight if travelling overseas and be at the agreed start point at the agreed time or you may incur further costs in that country for you to catch up and join the group, or you may not be able to attend the trip and incur further charges of your own.

11. Itineraries are correct at the time of printing. These are subject to change due to weather, safety, routes, in country happenings or unforeseen circumstances. If this happens we will try and find an alternative itinerary for you. All our leaders are experienced in dealing with situations like this.

12. We reserve the right to cancel a trip if the minimum amount of clients per trip is not met. If this happens you will be entitled to a refund. If the provider cancels you may be entitled to a refund.

13. You must be aware that on your trip you may experience difficult situations. You accept this in entirety and will have the correct insurance to cover this. We can assist you in making any claims but it is your outright responsibility in regards to this.

14. If your trip is cancelled when in country and whilst you are on the trip due to major disasters, death or injury we will regrettably not be able to refund you any monies. This will have to be dealt with by your insurer.

15. You are responsible to ensure that you are fit enough to attend the trip. You will have to answer a medical questionnaire and may have to supply a doctor’s certificate dependant on your answers. We have the right not to accept you on a trip that requires a high level of fitness if you do not meet the criteria.

16.  All trip details are subject to change, we will try our hardest to keep the trip as similar to the original itinerary as possible.

17. Any complaints are to be made direct to us where we will endeavour to come to an agreement to make all parties happy.

18. All flight itineraries and details are to be dealt with the airlines directly; we do not arrange flights or insurance.  At the time of agreement with you we has looked and confirmed flights are available to ensure you can arrive on the date and time of the trip. If this changes this is out of our hands and you need to make alternate arrangements through your flight operator.

19. All complaints are to be made in writing within 28 days of the complaint. You also have to inform the leader on your trip so your leader can contact the office verbally prior to you writing.

20. We reserve the right to increase and decrease prices of trips dependant on financial fluctuation/decreases but this will be kept to a bare minimum.

21.  We have the right to decline you attending a trip we provide and we do not have to give a reason but that reason shall be valid to us.

22. Cancellation charge for whatever reason:
0-60 days before trip – 100% trip cost
60-80 days before trip – 75% trip cost
80-100 days before trip – 50% trip cost
More than 100 days before trip – 25% trip cost
Deposit is non refundable

23. Any name changes will incur a £50 administration fee.

24. You must hold a valid passport, have the correct visa and the correct vaccinations/medications for your trip.

25. We have vetted all of our providers; have used them several times before you attend a trip. Any complaints with a provider are to be directed through us.

26. If you have any special requests please make us aware of this at the time of booking.

27. We reserve the right to use any photos, pictures, documents, and film footage in promotion of us and will hold all rights over these.

28.  If your trip is cancelled or amended for any reason whatsoever you are responsible for contacting your flight provider in relation to a refund or any additional enquiries and costs.

29.  During our UK Trips, if at any time you are taken off the trip, leave, decide not to participate or become unwell or hospitalised, you are responsible to ensure that you have enough funds to finish your own journey home.